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Many people believe that Engineers have a magic that every time they create something, it is perfect…NEVER TRUE. A design is never complete until it is built, tried, proven, and refined.

BishTec is band of brothers, one has this business dedicated to show cool designs created and tested by many engineers and students most of them being family.

If you have an idea you want built, vetted, or just plain picked apart – we may be able to help you eliminate downtime and save money when you just don’t have time to perfect everything yourself!

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Bed Boxes

BishTec Bed Boxes

These aren’t your normal toolboxes. With their 1/8″ solid steel body and full length drawers, they grant an extensive, organized, storage space without the sacrifice of your truck...

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This is a cool bridge crushing tool that was developed to help give Educators better HANDS-ON experiences to students at an affordable price. There are plenty of options...

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Disinfecting Wipe Holder by Cassidy

This disinfecting wipe holder will help keep you wipes in an easy to reach spot while making your life more convenient. These will change your life for the...

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Tired of harvesting potatoes out the rear window? You need some Advanced Farm Equipment! BishTec will help you get exactly what you need!

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Need help with your electronic controls? BishTec can help you set Height, Weigh, and Track Yield and product from the field to exact GPS location within the storage.

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